Womans Set Description

The period of hormonal change around the age of 50 is referred to as menopause. The decline of female sex hormones in the blood is associated with some physical changes that cause discomfort in many women. Often it comes to hot flashes, sweats, sleep disorders, mood swings, weight gain or dry mucous membranes. The akury information chip “Menopause” is intended to help alleviate the symptoms that may occur during menopause.

Optimal menstruation
Every month, 30 to 50 percent of women of reproductive age suffer from severe pain in the lower abdomen. They suffer from so-called primary period pain (primary dysmenorrhea).
The main symptom is spasmodic, piercing pain in the lower abdomen shortly before the onset of the menstrual period. These symptoms can sometimes last for several days. In addition, migraine, back pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting may also occur. In rare cases, it comes to pain-related fainting fits.
The akury information chip “Opt. Menstruation” is intended to help alleviate the symptoms that occur during menstruation.

Estrogens are involved in a number of functions in the female body. The effects of these female sex hormones include breast growth, uterine lining after menstruation, growth of uterine muscle, opening of the cervix before ovulation, mucus formation in the cervix, strengthening of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, suppleness of the female reproductive organs, strengthening of the bone tissue, emergence of the “female” voice. In addition, estrogens in the brain increase sensitivity to hearing; however, a decreased estrogen level, such as after menopause, worsens hearing. The hormone is essential for storing memory contents of sounds and speech.
The akury information chip “estrogen” should help to keep the estrogen level at an optimal level.

Although testosterone is known as the classical male sex hormone, in certain concentrations it is also detectable in women. Vice versa, men produce estrogens, which ultimately determines how much of both hormones the genetics are. If too little of it is produced, it leads to a loss of pleasure. It has been shown that the male sex hormone also increases spatial imagination and creativity. Just like too much, too little of this important hormone would be fatal to the body.
The akury information chip “testosterone” should help to keep the testosterone level at an optimal level.

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