How Bioenergetic Information Management works.

By Heiko Wenner Akury GmbH

As far back as a century ago, scientists grappled with the twin concepts of energy and vibration. The words of Nikola Tesla have made their way to us: ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. The words of Albert Einstein resound to this very day: ‚Everything is energy and that‘s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
That is not philosophy. That is physics.‘

Bioenergetic Informa-tion Management uses this core concept of the fundamental pro-perties of the world we live in, and puts them to therapeutic use. Like homeopathy, energy in the form of informati-on is made available to the human organism to boost the body‘s own immune system and to regulate self-healing as required. How does it work?

Everything is energy, frequency, vibration and information.

Even in solid matter such as stones and crystals the molecules are in constant vibration. Every thought and every emotion is accompanied by vibrations of varying fre-quencies. Every vibration corresponds to information, frequency, sound, colour, po-wer and energy.

Understanding the Bioenergetic Infor-mation Management is not possible without understanding the resonance principal. Resonance describes how a system which is free to vibrate is forced into vibrational motion when stimula-ted by a second vibration. All matter is subject to the resonance principle. All matter, even solid bodies, vibrates on an atomic level.

Here is an example to illustrate: If I have the eight forks of our musical scale (from low to high C) in a room and I strike a second H fork, only one tuning fork will go into vibrational motion. That is the tuning H fork. Other tuning forks remain unaff ected. Put simply, that means the fi rst H tuning fork reso-nated with the second H tuning fork.

Utilising resonance frequencies?

What does this look like in practice?

We all are subject to the laws of how energy is generated and consumed. The prere-quisites for generating energy in an optimal manner are wholesome foods and opti-mal pulmonary and digestive functions. The many stimuli which have an impact on the body are pivotal in terms of energy consumption. How we consume energy is gre-atly infl uenced by the stimuli aff ecting the body. If the organism can respond to these very diff erent stimuli in a suitable manner, the baseline state can be attained again.

However, each and every stimulus response consumes energy. Adapting to stimuli which are too intense, prolonged, alien and ‚non-biological‘ takes a lot of energy and causes impairments to your well-being and even illnesses. Bioenergetic Information Management assumes that our immune system is in a position to fi ght off negative infl uences if our energy fi eld is in balance. Our well-being and our performance are based on an energetic balance. If the energy is not in flow, disharmonious waves and blocks of the individual cells come about. Each and every cell, organ and orga-nism has a specifi c and unique resonant frequency spectrum. A substance‘s wave can unleash an eff ect by causing another substance to resonate. (For example: the tuning fork). In practical terms, this means from the multitude of frequencies entering the body, the only ones to actually have an aff ect (to react) are the ones that trigger a reso-nance. This unique technology for the transfer information which is based on the fi ndings of quantum physics means disharmonies can be balanced by the right Information Chip. The In-formation Chips are made up of a pla-stic platelet in shape of a square with rounded corners of approx. 20mm x 20mm. Carrier substances are applied to the surface which have an energetic charge according to the desired effect. According to the resonance principle, the client is provided with the right frequen-cies which are stored in the Information Chips. The objective here is to activate self-healing powers to restore the order of our original matrix. The duration of the process depends on type and extent of the disbalance.

In the meantime the Information Chips are used by many therapists worldwide. They are also used as a diagnostic instrument. In this way, an experienced therapist using alternative medical procedures (kinesiology or tensor testing) can determine what the main issues with the client‘s energy system‘s present are in mere minutes. The Information Chips found are placed near or on the patient‘s body for the duration of the treatment. Many therapists have reported that the Information Chips save them a lot of time when balancing and stabilising, which in turn free up time for additional treatment options on the patient.

Last but not least, the therapist can give the patient the Information Chips to take home to support the therapy. The Information Chips are suitable for all people re-gardless of age, gender or profession. Their application is quite simple: you select the chip for the desired subject area and wear it on your body, for example in your shirt or trouser pocket. The chips can also be easily combined with each other. Unlike medica-tions, where care must be taken to ensure an exact dosage, the application period of the Information Chips is unlimited. The body only absorbs the vibrations from the chips it needs to replace disharmonious information with harmonious information. Once dishar-monious information has been replaced, the chip does not have anything to resonate with.

The eff ectiveness of the Information Chips?

In December 2018 trials were con-ducted at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz using the most mo-dern EGG device currently available on
the market with 128 output channels. Simultaneously the heart rate varia-bility (HRV) was also measured. The compelling images show the areas of the brain where the Information Chips work and how they have an impact on the HRV. Both measurement methods are recognised by conventional medi-cine and show the effi ciency of the in-dividual chips in a conclusive way.

Fig. 1 shows very clearly the activated areas of the brain and on the right side the HRV. The Reward Chip resulted in more happiness hormones being released which led to an increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Directly after this measurement the subjects were given the Quick Recovery Chip without any break. In mere seconds s the HRV changed and the parasympathetic nervous system took over. The changed activity in the brain areas is also clearly visible. The parasympathetic nervous system is the counterpart of the sympa-thetic nervous system. It is supposed to ensure rest and relaxation after periods of stress and strain. It can be said that nowadays the periods of stress and strain are the norm for many people and this can lead to health issues depending on the duration.

The effectiveness of Information Chips is measurable via EEG and HRV.

Who do the Information Chips benefit?

In addition to the activation of the self-healing powers to cope with health problems, there are many other possible applications in our everyday life:

• Maintaining the ability to concentrate
• Achieving optimal performance
• Peace and serenity in stressful situations
• Strengthening mental strength
• Faster regeneration from the stresses of everyday life
• Faster relaxation during rest periods
• Deep and restful sleep.

Nowadays, we are all exposed to a variety of stress factors caused by increasing tech-nology or our fast-paced lifestyle. This is where the Information Chips come in: they can support our immune system and thus keep our bodies stable on all levels.

How are the Information Chips developed?

The creation of a chip is very complex and requires a systematic approach. First of all, the focus is on the topic of the chip, examining the complex connections and making precise notes. In the second step the resonant frequencies are determined which are then are merged much like in the creation of a software program in the third step. It is comparable to an orchestra in which all the instruments are in harmony to form a symphony. When determining the frequency, the frequencies determined from the bio-resonance or from vibration potentiators of known frequencies are compiled.

Here is an real life example: ‚Development of the chip for a stable circulatory system.‘ When creating this chip I got the following additional information, which was essential for the optimal function.

In addition to the circulatory function, rhythm is also important. Our lives are marked by a multitude of rhythms that impact us. They impact us most noticeably when when they are out of sync, for example, breathing rhythm, heart rhythm, biorhythm, sleep-wake rhythm or work rhythm. Last but not least, we are subject to the rhythm of the seasons and the planetary constellations.

In the next (fourth) step, all this information is imprinted on the carrier material in the form of frequencies, formulas and programs on the carrier material using specifi cally and independently developed technology. It is comparable to burning a CD. The car-rier material consists of 15 diff erent substances, which ultimately serve as a vibrating data memory like a USB stick.

The Information Chip is then ready and subjected to extensive and thorough testing before it goes on sale. A team of approx. 10 therapists test the newly created Informa-tion Chip over a longer period of time in practical use. The above mentioned example is the information of ‚Healthy Rhythm‘ Chip.

What are the advantages
of Information Chips?

The advantages of the Information Chips are clear and can be enumerated in six points:

  1. They are easy to use because they are simply worn on the body., i.e. they can be attached to clothing, put in a pocket or carried in an bracelet or amulet.
  2. They can be used according to need, topic and situation at hand.
  3. By their natural principle of action, they support the self-healing powers of the organism.
  4. The Information Chips are not tailored to one person and can therefore be used by the whole family.
  5. They do not get used up and and do not consume themselves, even if they are exposed to very strong electromagnetic fi elds. They retain their eff ectiveness for at least 10 years.
  6. They act in a very gentle way.

More and more people all over the world are realising that, in addition to conventio-nal medicine, there is now a wide range of other options for maintaining or recove-ring health.

Physical medicine will surpass biochemical medicine. People will learn to manage their life energy themselves. Information Chips can be provide helpful support in this matter.

As prescribed by law we hereby point out that the modes of eff ect of the products described here have only been partially proven at the current time and the eff ect cannot be guaranteed. For that reason the characteristics described here do not represent a therapeutic use as per the pharmaceutical advertising law. The information does not constitute a professional medical consultation. It also does not constitute a diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or illness. In these cases a doctor should be consulted.

A detailed description and practical exercises on how to manage your en-ergy, power and well-being can be found in the author‘s current book:
Bioenergetic Information Management
Tredition publishing house 2018

ISBN 978-3-7469-8597-8

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