AIESP - References & Partners of akury

Our mission

At AIESP, we believe in Creating Powerful Health by sourcing the highest certified training and products for practitioners to use in Kinesiology and other holistic practices. We understand that the closer you stick to healing the natural energy cycles of the body, the more powerful and positive your body will respond to well being.
All our products are sourced from manufactures or certified distributors.  We undergo extensive training, every time, ensuring a positive effect. We never take short cuts or look at the bottom line. The only thing that concerns us in how we can make deliver better, and more effective products training to services.  Even though our products are provided to practitioners to whom we have asscoiation with we welcome anyone wishing to learn.

Our values

With over 18 years of intenrational training,  in Kinsiology, SCENAR and other holistic practices we believe and endeavour to give the best and most upto date knowledge in the field.

We give back

AIESP provides ongoing support to many charities around the world. When you purchase any products from us, a minimum of 10% of profits go to one of our chosen organisations. Help us continue to make a difference to those who need it most.